TLP: Why is This Even a Question?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 , , , , 0 Comments

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Apparently, some readers of The New York Times are not ready for reporters to use Twitter.

Robin Wauters checked out the NYT Insight Lab for TechCrunch:

The homepage features a quick poll asking members if they want to see Times’ reporters and editors on Twitter or not. I guess this is the most pressing issue the New York Times wants to hear from its readers about.

For some reason, close to three quarters of the respondents indicated that they’d prefer if the journalists stay far away from the micro-sharing service. Only 7 percent had no idea what Twitter is. There is zero indication on the site how many people are actually registered members of the Insight Lab, let alone how many so far participated in this poll. Nevertheless, I’m surprised to see the negative answer leading at this point.
Even if they didn't register for the site — a tedious process that made me long for the Census — you'd have to think that this group of readers would have at least some understanding of the value of Twitter in communications, news reporting, shameless self-promotion and general shit-disturbing.

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