TLP: You Oughta Tweet This

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What? Sorry, I might not have been paying attention. Could be a sign of incivility, if you buy any of what Christine Pearson has to say. That bitch.

Pearson, according to the tagline in a column she wrote in The New York Times, is a professor of international business at the Thunderbird School of Global Management in Phoenix and a co-author of “The Cost of Bad Behavior.” Seems that multi-tasking is rude, especially when some sort of device is involved. Are you reading this on your CrackBerry? Thought so.


For more than a decade, my colleagues and I have gathered data on incivility from more than 9,000 managers and workers across the United States, and we’re continuing this work internationally. We have learned a great deal about the problem’s causes and consequences.

I define incivility as behavior, seemingly inconsequential to the doer, that others perceive as inconsiderate. Electronic devices lead to more incivility because of their powerful ability to claim our attention — no matter where we are or what we’re doing. No one likes to be snubbed, of course, but the offense can take on a new edge when the winner is a machine.

Some younger employees may not be as concerned, as they’re already more likely to communicate electronically. Indeed, if everyone is texting at once, it may seem like “no harm, no foul.”

Chances are, however, that if you ignore your colleagues while jabbering on your cellphone, keep others waiting for an appointment while you check your e-mail or send something electronically that should be delivered in person, some people will see you as inconsiderate.

One of the most annoying examples is texting and checking e-mail while working with colleagues. Some workers would call this disruptive; others would say it is downright insulting.
And some would complain about some-other-fucking-thing because that's just that way some people are. You know, the ones who can't keep up.

Here's a concept to run by your 9,000 survey subjects: performance. That inconsiderate prick over there saying a BlackBerry prayer? How's his output? Does he get it done? Better than most, maybe? No surprise.

And guess what? It could be that he's running at way under 100 percent.

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