Update: Goldman Sachs' Perv Lawyer Gets a Few More Weeks of Freedom

Friday, May 14, 2010 , 10 Comments

Todd Genger will now be sentenced on 6/29 (if he doesn't get another stay, ifyouknowwhatI'msayin). You're welcome.

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What Ever Happened to Goldman Sachs' Resident Pervert Lawyer?

Goldman Sachs' Pervert Lawyer Gets Sentenced?

Jr Deputy Accountant

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


Anonymous said...

I'm forever calling that poor little crying bear "Blumpkin"

For my mental well being, I really need to stop coming here.

That's Pedobear!

Do a Google Image search for him. It won't help your mental well-being but hey, who gives a fuck about that?!

Anonymous said...

"Pedobear has the type of face you just want to trust, but underneath those saucer-like black eyes and cheerful smile, there is a much darker side. Though is appearance is that of a cute stuffed animal, his name tells you there is something deeper in there. Something more sinister, and that is indeed the truth."

We have truly and sadly lost a generation.

"It won't help your mental well-being but hey, who gives a fuck about that?!"

Jesus H. Christ -
JDA - where the functional but truly disturbed and those with an addictive personality meet and greet.

Anonymous said...

duh...., not crying but sweating and the TCAP dude is telling him to have a seat and not another person looking on - sheesh I can be dumb sometimes

But then again maybe my seeing a crying teddy bear that needs vindication (instead of something insidious) tells me something about myself.

Happy to do some psychotherapy on your ass but, uh, that's extra :)

Anonymous said...

got electroshock?

Anonymous said...

while I've got your attention, what gives with the hamster?

Smoky lost her computer privileges after I found hamster porn in my Firefox history.

And very busy these days playing with the Hamtrac. It's extra entertaining when she's running and the lazy, old ass cat is sitting there meowing at her as if she would LIKE to attack the ball but doesn't have the energy to do so.

It's a zoo over at Casa Gonzalez.

Anonymous said...

hamster porn - didn't delete the history and cookies, huh Smokester???

That's cool - exercise for Smoky and Boo gets to be entertained and at least get his/her blood pressure up and at least *feel* like a killing machine.

couldn't make heads or tails of the "fell. on my ass. hard" comment.

Anonymous said...

it's probably something obvious going over my head - I misunderstood "Pedobear" until pointed in the right direction. Jeezus, that's disturbing.