Video Games Take a Pounding in April, No One Blames the IRS

Friday, May 14, 2010 , , 2 Comments

Listen, it's fairly obvious why video game console sales were down in April: tax time! So while the papers aren't blaming Timmy for the drop in demand, I'll be happy to go out on a limb and say it.

Shoulda gotten your Christmas PS3 in early January like some of us, who paid less than $290 including shipping and no tax (thank you, online shopping! Fuck you, Arnold!).

Business Week:

U.S. video-game sales fell 26 percent in April, the fourth-biggest drop on record, as the timing of Easter pushed holiday shopping back into March.

Purchases of consoles, software and accessories in the world’s largest video-game market fell to $766.2 million, New York-based researcher NPD Group Inc. said today in a statement. The decline was attributable partly to the early holiday, NPD said.

Sales of Nintendo’s Wii, the top-selling console, fell 18 percent to 277,200 units. Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360s sales rose 6 percent to 185,400 and Sony Corp. sold 180,800 PlayStation 3s, a 42 percent increase.

As we all know, video games are the ultimate luxury item for the middle and lower middle class (pretty sure my Mom pawned some jewelry to get me my 8-bit NES in 1987) and while you can lie enough to the consumer to convince them to hit the mall for Sbarro and Cinnabuns, it's pretty hard to convince them they can afford a $299 - $499 console if their checking accounts say otherwise.

Not to mention the fact that by April, Christmas consoles can already be outplayed by bratty owners and kicked to the curb on Craigslist for a deep discount. So who is going to pay $299 plus tax for a brand new PS3 when you can score a barely used one for $150 on the List? Duh.

Good for you, America. Stick to Oregon Trail and Neopets to satisfy your game-playing urges if you must (says the girl with an Xbox, PlayStation3 and NintendoDS).

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wcv said...

Doesn't make sense. As the recent April Treasury data showed, nobody owed taxes and everybody got refunds.

Thank you myriad asinine special interest tax credits!

WCV believes Treasury data! *points and jeers*