Well How in the Hell Does the Pig Virus Get in There Any Damn Way?

The FDA doesn't seem to have an answer for that question, neither does GlaxoSmithKline. Just, um, you know, ended up there but don't worry, it's not dangerous to humans or anything.

The Philadelphia Inquirer:

When Eric Delwart's lab set out to test for traces of contamination in eight vaccines, he figured the results would reassure people who are leery of the lifesaving serums.

Instead, one result, made public in March, triggered the latest worldwide vaccine brouhaha.

Using powerful new DNA technology, Delwart's San Francisco team detected fragments of a pig virus in GlaxoSmithKline's Rotarix, which protects babies from a diarrhea-causing infection. The pig virus is common in pork products and is not known to cause disease in animals or humans. Still, the finding set off investigations, market upsets - and a new predicament for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA is now being urged to require all vaccine-makers to check for and eliminate barely detectable biological tagalongs, harmless or not.

"We expected to reassure; we ended up not reassuring," Delwart, a virologist with the Blood Systems Research Institute, said this week. "We ended up creating quite a bit of a storm."

In Australia, entire batches of swine flu vaccine are being dumped. Someone should really test that stuff before ditching it, you never know what kind of crap you might find floating in a vaccine pushed to market before its safety had been tested and proven.

More than 7.5 million of the 19 million doses of swine flu vaccine bought by the federal government for more than $100 million could be wasted, after a survey found 42 per cent of doses distributed to a sample of GPs ended up in the bin.

Aww, so sad. Isn't that good stuff? Why are the Australians tossing it? Isn't the CDC still trying to push the swine flu panic here in the US? Supposedly a whole metric shit ton of Americans got the shot in April because of "seasonal fears". Last time I checked it was autumn that fucked you on the flu. Oh well, maybe I got my facts wrong.

I stand by my decision not to vaccinate my child against H1N1. We both seem to be doing well and neither of us got one.


Federal health officials are investigating the first hints of any possible significant complications from the H1N1 vaccine, but stressed that the concerns will probably turn out to be a false alarm.

The latest analysis of data has detected what could be a somewhat elevated rate of Guillain-Barré syndrome, which can cause paralysis and death; Bell's palsy, a temporary facial paralysis; and thrombocytopenia, which is a low level of blood platelets, officials reported Friday. The data is being collected through five of the networks the government is using to monitor people who were inoculated against the swine flu.

The same Guillain-Barré that seems to taint Merck's Gardasil; a cervical cancer "prevention" vaccine that combats two forms of HPV being pushed to young women and now, surprisingly, young boys.

Meanwhile, supposedly the Brits are bribing their girls to get Gardasil shots with shopping vouchers. Come take this poison, little girl, it won't hurt you or anything:

The British National Health Service (NHS) has begun bribing teenage girls between the ages of 16 and 18 to get Gardasil vaccines. Officials are giving shopping vouchers worth the equivalent of roughly $70 to girls who agree to get jabbed with the vaccine, which has been implicated in numerous cases of severe harm and death.

Officials from NHS Birmingham East and North have initiated the pilot program which is costing taxpayers the equivalent of about $35,000. No parental consent is required in order for young girls to participate in the program.

I remind dear reader that men like Josef Mengele once tried out medical experiments on his "subjects" believing it was in the name of advancing medicine and science. And we know how that turned out. I'm not comparing Big Pharma to the Nazis but at some point there has to be accountability and so far I see none in this racket.

Said one survivor of Mengele's torture, "Nobody ever questioned him — why did this one die? Why did that one perish? The patients did not count. He professed to do what he did in the name of science, but it was a madness on his part."

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Ted Coombs said...

An uncounted number of thousands of people are now suffering from the flu vaccine at the injections site. Many have lost complete use of their arm, and nothing is being done about it. Google: flu vaccine shoulder pain and you will see what I mean.

Anonymous said...

No way I was going to let them shoot me with that Frankenstein shit.