What I'm Beating TLP With: 5/30/10

Sunday, May 30, 2010 , 0 Comments

I've got to give him credit, the Paperboy held down the fort pretty well when I was off handling some things and cruising down the Eisenhower Interstate System last month. In the meantime, he's seemed to grasp the art of writing punchy headlines that don't contain words like "dick" or "motherfucker" (he's not a "motherfucker" sort of person and besides, that's my job). It's almost as if he was meant to do this for a living or something. Anyway, out of respect for all he's done for me lately and in general, this is going to be a light beating. Just because I'm a nice girl. Then again, I'm convinced he's into it so maybe I should try harder next week.

But I digress. It's been a pretty dull week all things considered. There was the Joe Sestak BS and of course the Top Kill failure in the Gulf, not to mention the fact that the economy is still in the shitter but since when does that make any difference at all? What else did TLP miss while he was off trying to come up with smart ass headlines?

Market upheaval should not be the new black, SEC says Personally I liked the old black myself, where the SEC didn't even bother trying to pretend like it had regulatory fangs. Oh well. (FT Alphaville)

Richard Wiggins trashes gold in Barron's aaaaaand WC Varones trashes Wiggins' logic on WC Varones. (WC Varones)

Fed report: It’s not easy being small Size DOES matter, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Erm, in banking, that is. (Richmond BizSense)

Community Banks: Up TARP Creek Without A Paddle As if smaller banks didn't have it bad enough already, there's always that pesky TARP to pay off... (Bank Lawyer's Blog)

Dear Banking & Government People Who Are Reading This… A sweet letter from Martin to his bank and government stalkers. Hey, if Bernanke is reading this, I should probably apologize for this. (Mandelman Matters)

The Twilight Zone Keeps On Wait a second, you mean the FDIC is actually making things WORSE?! Say it ain't so! (Prudent Speculation)

All Money is Counterfeit. Crap. Beebs just ruined my whole plan to stuff dollars in my mattress and wait for Armageddon. (beebsblog)

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