What I'm Beating TLP With: 5/9/10

Sunday, May 09, 2010 , 4 Comments

It must be extra unnerving to get your ass torn up by something with a smile stitched on it. Just guessing.

Anyway, all kinds of shit went down this week and I managed to get about half of it. The stock market went wonky, Audit the Fed was resurrected only to be butchered at the last minute (shock and awe), and the real state of the California budget came poking back out to say Hallo.

What am I rambling about? Less talking, more beating.

Fake Assets, Real Lawsuits Maybe someone should kick this article over to Tom Hood and those MACPA guys, they're real into the whole Second Life thing. Somehow JDA was never able to learn how to make her avatar not have a skunk mullet and tramp stamp tattoo and yet they still invite me to CPA Island for events anyway. Woo hoo! Tom is a Second Life landlord (not slum lord, I've heard from one tenant) so I'd be interested to hear what he thinks about these SL lawsuits. (LOLFed)

Reinhart Squared: Is The US Too Big To Fail? (Must Read) One time, the paperboy got all bent out of shape because ZH got some tiny detail wrong. JDA rarely gets bent out of shape over ZH because it's like curling up with a glass of Napa's best and a erotic thriller set in 2008. Plus it's tagged with "fail" and that's almost always a guaranteed win. (Zero Hedge)

Methane Hydrate Crystals Hamper Efforts to Contain BP Oil Spill Hey remember that big ass condom that they were lowering over the spill to mop up the mess post-splurt? Yeah, that doesn't work well in practical application either. Here's some science. (The Obligate Scientist)

Competition for Ben Bernanke Ben Bernanke is facing steep competition in the money-printing business, orrrrrrrrrr Ben Bernanke is the one behind the counterfeit $50s and $100s hitting New York streets by the bazillions. (Economic Policy Journal)

Why Mommy is a Tea Partier Mommies rule. My own 7 year old has outgrown End the Fed rallies but maybe we'll find a new reason to grab a sign and go protest this bullshit. I'd hate for him to grow up thinking he's got to sit there and take it. Happy Mother's Day to my fellow Mommies today! (WC Varones)

Prototype BMW Sparks Natural History Museum Bomb Scare Filed under: holy fuck are we afraid! Save us, Robert Gates! (Westside Independent)

Federal Reserve Comic Book Propaganda Campaign for Liberty and The Daily Caller are both a little late to the party (I told you about these back in early 2009 and the Fed has been cranking them out for years) but consider this your friendly reminder that Fed comic books are available for education, LOLs, and/or hamster cage lining, depending. (Campaign for Liberty)

Feds Probing JP Morgan Silver Manipulation as Merkel Sounds Defiance to the Banks Angela Merkel is sick of your shit, all of yours, not just Greece's or Goldman's or George Bush's. Oh, and the CFTC finally wants to figure out why JP Morgan started piling head first into precious metals. I'm talking piling like a liquored-up leather Daddy let loose in the back alley behind the Twink bar, not just plain ole piling. As if. (Jesse's Café Américain)

The Great Middle Tennessee Flood: May 7 2010 Morning Some of us were too busy lazily "watching" CNBC and tracking fake, poorly-constructed bombs not blowing up to notice the devastation in Tennessee. Remember America (and the world) is a big place and my heart goes out to the people of Nashville and beyond. (OldSouth)

Jr Deputy Accountant

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


Might be good to check the record, or try to recall whatever was on CNBC, but I am just guessing it's not so unnerving when an actual smile is involved ...

Anonymous said...

True story, TLP only had ONE tattoo when I met him. I think at that point I had 23 or something like that. Now he's catching up for a grand total of 3 and I'm getting ready for tattoo number 28.

You forget he masquerades as a buttoned-up professional for most of the week :)

Anyway, can't say I've ever had that experience at the tattoo shop. Thank fucking God, WTF? Tigers?!

That is a true story ... but what my dear JDA leaves out is that we went the same day to get my third and her 20-somethingth tattoo. No tigers, but plenty of growling ;)