What I'm Beating TLP With This Week: 5/2/10

Sunday, May 02, 2010 1 Comments

Editor's note: In reality, TLP is holed up with me at an undisclosed location as we speak so if he's getting beaten, it's probably not with the news. See you kids in a few days when I'm done making him recite FASBs while tied up or whatever weird twisted shit it is we're into over here. We have no idea what you are talking about.

So! With the US Government v Goldman Sachs dominating the news this week (bah), surely there must have been something else going on that we didn't quite catch? Maybe some stuff.

Bank Of Granite: One Feisty Dollar Menunaire Dude, I admire cutthroatness as much if not more than the next girl but damn, is it that rough out there? (LOLFed)

Why the Dodd Financial Services Bill Is Bad... For Democrats "checkbook tax" is the new Sarah Palin but it's cool, Luntz is sort of right - though I'm not sure how we should feel about him giving lefties a shitty ass talking point. Point being: Dodd is a douche and I think both sides can agree on that much. BEWARE this trojan horse called "reform". (Frank Luntz via HuffPo)

Global Rules Professor Albrecht is sharing papers from some of his Intermediate Accounting students. These are the CPAs of the future, kids, pay attention. (The Summa)

Bank Recapitalization and Interest Sensitivity Explained in 178 Words Well as long as we can keep Bank of America alive for 20 years, I guess we'll be cool by then... (Prudent Investor)

Multistate Debt Crisis Skeptical CPA says it all: "Why shouldn't Connecticut have its own accounting rules? Doesn't Zimbabwe Ben?" (Skeptical CPA)

Lastly, in shameless self-promotion news, I guest edited Going Concern this past week and had a blast. Covering everything from fake IRS spammers to a bank about to fail (and its sketchy ex-auditors who have left the scene), I had to work to get my scraps but it was totally worth it. Here are, in my opinion, some of the best from the week (and thanks, Caleb, for making it so much fun awwww):

Putting the Success of the Homebuyer Tax Credit in Perspective

Georgia Voters Will Decide on the Use of Accrual Accounting by the Department of Transportation

The ECB Doesn’t Like FASB Fair Value Nor Prospects for a Single Global Standard Come 2011

Utah Accountant Who Filed $393 Million in Fake Tax Refunds Can Never Ever Ever Do Taxes Again

Three Social Media Trends That Will Never Catch on with Accountants

Be nice to each other while I am gone, kids.

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cjn said...

You did a pretty razor job JDA. Thanks for holding down the fort. Hope to do more of it in the future.