You Say You Want a Revolution

Thursday, May 20, 2010 , 4 Comments

"Everything is under control"

Via Phil @ Phil's Stock World:

On May 6th I warned that revolution was in the air.

Today Thailand’s Stock Exchange has been put to flames by protesters along with the malls they can no longer afford to shop in and the television stations that lie to them and tell them how great everything is while their lifestyles go down the toilet. Like any good colony of cockroaches, Thai traders had already scurried off to do their trading elsewhere - in a secret location away from the lights and they took their market UP 0.7%, betting that this out-of-hand violence will now be met with an equally violent government response that will end all this silliness and let them get back to skimming their profits off the people on a daily basis.

Thank goodness we live in America, where the Lords of Wall Street are free to rape and pillage to their heart’s content while our hardly-burning MSM cheers them on and keeps the sheeple in-line.

The Thai exchange ended in the green today even though it was set on fire?! Damn, there's just no stopping them.

Everything is just fine, nothing to see here.

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OldSouth said...

[Everything is just fine, nothing to see here.]


It's 10:02 CST, and the Dow is preparing to cross into the FourDigit Zone.

Ship, meet iceberg.
Rats, meet ship.

Anybody willing to bet it makes it back to 12k this year? Anybody?

cjn said...

Love that pic. Spooky. A brutal stretch of 100 hour weeks in the tax practice at 345 Park ended that day for me.


thank you SO MUCH for your thoughtful comment. I promise to never EVER neglect you again.


I'm always happy to see your comments, too, CJN. But what's this fapfapfap you seem so interested in? I have no idea what you're talking about.