Asshats "Tag" Art $1.6 Million Sculpture on Loan to SF, SF Puts the Sculpture in "Protective Custody"

 Who decided to put this at Civic Center of all places?!

Let me tell you a little story. When I moved to San Francisco, I'd been dreaming of my new life in California since at least junior year in high school. I imagined this community of creative and brilliant people welcoming me, the latest transplant from Wisconsin, with open arms "We've waited for you!" and we'd all wander through art galleries and studios sipping Cape Cods while smoking exotic Canadian cigarettes like Export "A"s. It was going to be beautiful. I'd write and draw angry Gen X/Y comic books in some work/live loft in Oakland with half of my hair bleached and an asshole dot-commer boyfriend who was also in a band.

That didn't quite work out as I'd imagined and all the work/live lofts were already populated with bigger asshole dot-commers than the guy I imagined I'd end up with (I ended up dating a pretty boy hardcore drummer from New Jersey after I got here. Meh). I've been here 11 years in August and I have to say I still haven't quite found San Francisco's creativity, I hear it started a mass exodus a few years before I got here. If that's the case, it's certainly gone now.

I'm not complaining, I love it here. =/ 

SF Gate:

Even Buddha can't catch a break in San Francisco.

The 15-ton, three-headed copper sculpture that was unveiled in Civic Center Plaza last month for the 30th anniversary of San Francisco's sister-city relationship with Shanghai has already been defaced twice by graffiti.

Officials retained an art restorer to remove the tags, including one scrawl proclaiming, "Jesus is the one."

Now, City Hall fears that the giant Buddha may prove too inviting to booze-fueled partygoers from the nearby World Cup big screen telecasts and Gay Priders looking for a little climbing fun during their upcoming post-parade party.

So the $1.6 million sculpture, on loan from artist Zhang Huan, is in protective custody for the next three weeks, surrounded by a 6-foot-tall screened fence to deter climbers and anyone else.

That's pretty rude on the disrespecting the property of others and symbolism of something greater than yourself scale, and I might be a little familiar with that.

Whether or not "Jesus is the one" (that's not what we're arguing here if you didn't get that), it's not OK to put shit on a big ass 3 headed 6 armed piece of art like that. Get some manners, crackheads may piss on your streets but that does not make it OK to act like assholes too.

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