AT&T Goes AOL on Data Hogs

Thursday, June 03, 2010 , , 1 Comments

As a person who typically uses over 30 Mbs of data a month on my BlackBerry (Verizon, bitches), I would immediately cut my contract and head over to a provider who believes in pricing data appropriately if my company did this to me. Unlimited is unlimited, whether or not I hog it all.

I don't think the problem is me and my BlackBerry. The problem is that the AT&T network infrastructure was never cut out for the iPhone and perhaps they should have thought about the data consequences before they jerked it off so hard before launching it. There's an app for that but, uh, you probably won't be able to afford the data you'll need to use it.


They spend hours watching video on their phones, downloading songs, browsing the Web, sending photos to friends and generally using mobile devices as full-fledged computers. They are the data hogs.

On Wednesday, AT&T pulled away the trough. And other wireless carriers could do the same.

AT&T said it would no longer offer an unlimited data plan to new users of iPhones and other smartphones. The decision, industry analysts said, could signal a shift away from an era in which American wireless carriers sought to attract customers with simple, all-you-can-eat pricing plans for data.

The trouble for AT&T was that a fraction of users — fewer than 2 percent — made such heavy use of the network that they slowed it down for everyone else.

You fail, AT&T. Then again, you fail, iPhone users, so I don't feel bad for you either. Why is this exclusive to iPhone users?

Oh yeah, because AT&T said so when they began looking at this idea late last year.

Anyone else remember when AOL charged $2.99 an hour? What is this, 1994?!

I'm willing to pay more to Verizon for unlimited BlackBerry service than, say, Sprint's cheaper unlimited data plan because I trust the network. What good does it do me to pay for something I can't always access when I need it?

AT&T does not realize its network sucks, obviously, and hopefully this will lead to more iPhone conversions. Come on over to the BB darkside, kids, we have BBM. Converting doesn't even hurt.

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Anonymous said...

Hilarious thing. Att caps data. Goes limited. But offers tethering. Woop de doo. Simple Mobile, A Tmobile mvno goes unlimited data. Virgin mobile, a Sprint prepaid division begins offering unlimited data for the first time.

Looks like Att is headed for the dark ages while the prepaid divisions and resellers for Tmobile and Sprint know what's really going on.