Before You Volunteer to Clean Up BP's Mess...

Wednesday, June 09, 2010 , , 1 Comments may want to read this. Of course, it's not like BP is trying to downplay the risks associated with cleaning up oil, right? Ahem.

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Anonymous said...

Cousteau's kid was on the tube yesterday talking about the dispersents used. That's how the large underwater plumes are forming according to him (wouldn't question anyone with the last name Cousteau when it comes to topics involving water). Anyway, he says they're doing it to keep it off the surface to keep clean up costs (and future legal claims) down - out of sight out of mind. But, it's a short sighted fuck up in his estimation because it will have far more killing power suspended in the water column. What he said made sense and he didn't come off as a raving lunatic - he even said we need underwater drilling to satisfy oil demand and should not stop but should approach it in a completely different way.