CNN Breaks Up with the AP

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 , 0 Comments

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While CNN says it will not be using AP's content anymore "to become less dependent on outside news sources", it's good to know that this is really a money thing and Turner Broadcasting will continue to gather news recon the new, free way: via the Internet.

When information and news is coming at you 24 hours a day, the necessity of value-added content becomes all that much more critical to media. Where's the value for CNN? They don't have to pay AP for the actual words and can keep combing blogs and news sites for what they want to cover. You can only do so much in this economy.

CNN said it will no longer use material from the Associated Press in the television network's news coverage.

The decision, announced Monday in a memo from CNN Worldwide President Jim Walton, is the latest of a series of moves by the 24-hour news station, owned by Turner Broadcasting System Inc., to become less dependent on outside news services.

Those efforts began in 2007 when the news organization made a significant investment in news gathering, adding 75 people including 12 new correspondents. The following year, the network began selling its own wire service, CNN Wires, in part to offer newspapers a cheaper alternative to the AP. In early 2009, CNN dropped the AP service on and CNN Radio.

The latest move means "CNN newsgathering will be the primary source of all content for all of our platforms and services," Mr. Walton wrote. He added that to support the new model, CNN will expand its CNN Wires team.

The AP says they've tried to make content as cheap as they can, essentially, and find it unfortunate that CNN just can't afford them. Break ups are never pretty, especially when there is money involved.

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