Medvedev Sends Out His Virgin Tweet from Twitter HQ in SF

Thursday, June 24, 2010 , , 0 Comments

 Pic credit: Carrot Blog

Awww, how cute, Russian president Dmitri Medvedev sent out his very first tweet yesterday as @KremlinRussia. The account has already been verified by Twitter (duh, he was standing right there in the office) and it didn't take long for Medvedev's crew to start tweeting like mad, racking up 17 tweets in a little over 24 hours. Slow it down there, killer!

Apparently "Всем привет! Я в Твиттере и это мое6 первое сообщение!" translates to "Hello everyone. I am now in Twitter, and this is my first message" and Medvedev feels compelled to follow just three accounts; the White House, Barack Obama and the English-language version of Kremlin Russia.

No @Schwarzenegger? Awww... and what about @ZimbabweBen? That dude could really use some legit friends since half of Congress unfollowed him.

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