Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums is No One's B*tch, He's Got People for That

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 , 0 Comments

Fight the power!... uh... wait, aren't YOU the power?!

It appears that Oakland mayor Ron Dellums has been MIA in recent meetings between the City of Oakland and its police officer's union and now we know why: he ain't no union bitch, he's the CEO!


“I am the CEO of the city,” he told KTVU. “The President of the United States does not sit down and negotiate with unions. I have a staff to do that.”

What a prick. He should have plenty of time to sit down and negotiate with the TV when Oakland finally gets smart and fires his ass. After they fire 200 Oakland cops, of course.

Update: It doesn't end with Dellums' boneheaded "I'm the CEO" comment.

SF Gate:

"Who the (blank) are you to decide what my role is?" a raging Dellums told Shandobil in a phone call Monday, after the Oakland-based reporter showed up at City Hall to ask why Dellums has been seen at high profile boxing matches lately while being a no-show at major budget meetings and city council sessions where Oakland's fiscal crisis is Topic A.
How tacky. That might not be the best way for a guy facing a re-election battle to behave but maybe that's just me and my high standards judging again. Then again, Dellums still hasn't said whether or not he's going to be running again so we'll go ahead and assume that's a "no".

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