Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Enron's Skilling But Won't Touch an Appeal

Thursday, June 24, 2010 , 0 Comments

Sooo.... what good does this do Jeffrey Skilling exactly?


The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that the convictions of former Enron chief executive Jeffrey K. Skilling and former Hollinger International chief executive Conrad M. Black “flawed,” finding fault in interpretations of the statutes used to prosecute the two men.

The justices sent both cases back to lower courts for review. The conviction of Mr. Black was vacated and remanded because it was based on the precedent set by Mr. Skilling’s conviction.

Thus far, this is the most progress Skilling has seen towards overturning his conviction but the SCOTUS isn't interested in actually overturning anything, just clarifying a tad.

Damn dude, should have faked a heart attack like your buddy Ken.

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