Taco Bell Petitions the Fed to Print More $2 Bills

Wednesday, June 09, 2010 , , 2 Comments

In a bizarre plea to the Fed to squeeze out more cash (gee, like that never happens), Taco Bell is requesting that the easy money whores arrange for more $2 bills to be printed to accommodate their new $2 meal deal. How lazy are Taco Bell patrons that they find it difficult to peel off two $1s instead of a crisp $2?

I hate to break this to Taco Bell but though those little fake funny monies say "Federal Reserve Notes", it's actually the Bureau of Engraving and Printing that they need to talk to. Sorry guys, Bernanke is just the guy who says how easy the money is going to be, not how many are going to show up in your wallets.

MW has the press release:

Today, Taco Bell(R) launched a national petition to the Federal Reserve calling on them to circulate more $2 bills to celebrate its all-new $2 Meal Deal. Consumers who crave value and enjoy the quirky nature of the $2 bill are asked to sign the petition on the "$2 Dollar Deal" tab at www.facebook.com/tacobell for Taco Bell's "$2 Meal Deal Appeal" campaign.

The Federal Reserve prints all denominations according to demand. However, the $2 bill has not been in demand and production of the note is the lowest of U.S. paper money at less than one percent of all bills printed. The last year the $2 bill was printed was 2006. While older generations of Americans treat the $2 bill with reverence, giving them as gifts or keeping them for good luck, younger generations have yet to discover it.

The scarcity of the $2 bill in circulation and the lack of public awareness for it have inspired urban legends about its existence. The petition provides a unique way for fans of Taco Bell to be introduced to the $2 bill, or get reacquainted with it and unite in the new demand created by $2 Meal Deal. It also allows Taco Bell to engage and reward its 1.1 million Facebook fans for their continued brand loyalty.

Just three weeks after redefining value in the quick service restaurant industry (QSR) with the launch of the all-new $2 Meal Deal, Taco Bell launched the petition via a full-page letter to the Federal Reserve in today's USA Today.

The letter reads in part, "This summer, more than ever, Americans are searching for value. Here's our solution. Cooler than a $5. Twice as powerful as a $1. And thanks to our new $2 Meal Deal, only at Taco Bell can Americans get three items for two bucks. Which is why we're writing to you today: Taco Bell is asking the Federal Reserve to circulate more $2 bills. As we head into the summer season, please help us better serve the American consumer by circulating more $2 bills. We'll be happy to discuss this in-person. We'll bring the Beefy 5-Layer Burrito, Doritos and Pepsi. You bring the Jefferson."

"In being the first in the QSR industry to offer our customers 3 items for $2, we want to rally the nation around the new buying power of $2," said David Ovens, Chief Marketing Officer, Taco Bell Corp., Irvine, Calif. "The petition is not only a celebration of Taco Bell redefining the meaning of value in the industry, but the value of $2."

Ummm... and what about tax? Please don't give the Fed any ideas...

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I like Gorditos and this chick I knew told me that the Spanish word for "fat" was "Gordo" which I found pretty appropriate - a nice fat snack. Man, if Taco Bell had been around in large numbers in MS back in the day, my brother and I would have been in pig heaven - especially after getting blitzed.

God bless you Glen Bell of San Bernardino! Next time I see Brother Chuck, we're gonna get wasted and head down to Taco Bell for Gorditos in your honor!

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