TLP: A Completely Different Meaning For 'Opportunity Cost'

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canadian animal crime
Whatever happened to the days when a "crime of opportunity" meant cleverly nabbing a purse that was left unattended in, oh, a department store dressing room or perhaps a Starbucks? In this economy, some thieves seem to be going for bigger prizes.

A zoo in Canada has pleaded for the safe return of a tiger and two camels that were stolen in transit last week.

Bowmanville Zoo, in Ontario, has even offered $2,000 (£1,325) for a picture of the animals being given water.

A $20,000 reward offered since Saturday has failed to produce any leads on the whereabouts of Jonas, a Bengal tiger, and camels Todd and Shawn.

They were in a trailer being moved from Nova Scotia to the zoo when their vehicle was stolen near Montreal.

The Ford truck hauling the trailer was found abandoned in Quebec early on Saturday. ...

Police believe it was an "opportunity crime", with the thieves being unaware what the cargo was.
Finding themselves the new owners of Todd and Shawn would certainly have been a shock for the Canadian crooks. But fresh meat on the other side of an open trailer door may have provided a wholly new and exciting sort of opportunity for a surprised Bengal tiger. Rawwwwr.

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