TLP: Guess Your Hair Is Pretty Much Off Limits, Eh, Carly?

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Come on, Carly. If you're going to play politics, you have to remember the rules. And one of the primo points to remember is that every microphone is open.

NYT (with the entire blathering video clip):

Oh, you know it’s the year of the women in politics — just two days past big-state primaries with successful female candidates — when the chatter is all about their hair.

While waiting for a TV interview, Carly Fiorina, the newly minted Republican nominee for the Senate in California, got caught on an open microphone on Wednesday. Much of the conversation with someone off-screen was chat-lite, but two segments have been whipped around like a long pony tail on a windy day, taken on one level as a catty aside and on another, as a mistake by a novice candidate.

After questioning why another successful candidate on the Republican ticket, Meg Whitman, the G.O.P.’s gubernatorial nominee, would want to appear on Fox’s Sean Hannity show, Ms. Fiorina somehow segued to the hairstyle of Senator Barbara Boxer, her Democratic opponent.

“Laura saw Barbara Boxer briefly on television this morning and said what everyone said, ‘God what is that hair?′ Sooooooooooooo yesterday,” Ms. Fiorina said, repeatedly scrolling through her BlackBerry. This sharing comes, of course, from the candidate who transformed a Republican primary opponent into a furry demon-sheep in a television ad.

It’s unlikely Mrs. Boxer would return similar fire. Ms. Fiorina’s closely cropped hair is the result of the chemotherapy she underwent while battling breast cancer.
You have to wonder what she was like in those HP board meetings.

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elf2006real said...

Wellll....she was probbbbabbleee cateee....meow....

so what? Could use a little of that in DC...I hope it causes Senator Byrd to croak in his seat (Cmon, he's so would be a mercy).

Look all women come across as catty sometimes because ..well..they are?

Ever hear the saying "You Girl's play nice" - like "You Boys play nice"?

Of course not. Girls don't play nice together. Surveys have shown most women would rather have a male boss.

Before anyone starts calling me a sexist (not that I'm not) ali ali infreee... I'm married. Several years. The beans are spilled.