TLP: Is Orrin Hatch High?

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The Utah senator wants to drug-test the unemployed, you know, just to make sure. Well, fuck, that's a lot of people when the unemployment rate is around 10 percent. And also, isn't being out of work the perfect time for that sort of thing? Anyway.

Hatch has been talking this idea up with The Huffington Post:

Utah voters have reacted enthusiastically to Sen. Orrin Hatch's legislation to drug test the unemployed and those receiving other forms of government cash assistance, the Utah Republican told the Huffington Post after introducing his measure last week.

"A lot of people are saying, 'Hey, it's about time. Why do we keep giving money to people who are going to go use it on drugs instead of their families?'" Hatch said.

The goal, he said, is to get users into treatment.

"Now, it doesn't do away with food stamps. And it does get the help for them that they really need. And if they get the help, then they're right back on to the cash," he said.

Got to love Hatch's polling sample of Utah voters. No surprise about the enthusiasm, but, uh, maybe some of them could stand to undergo a piss test.

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