TLP: Is There Such Thing As 'Controversially Canadian'?

Friday, June 18, 2010 , , , 1 Comments

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The owners of the right-wing Toronto Sun say Canadian teevee needs a little conservative competition and have announced plans to go on the air next year with a "hard news and straight talk" alternative to what they call sleepy cable options. Sun News will be modeled on a successful French-language network also owned by Quebecor.

Toronto Star:
Kory Teneycke, a former communications director to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and now Quebecor Media vice-president, said, “We’re taking on the mainstream media.”

“We’re taking on smug, condescending, often irrelevant journalism, we’re taking on political correctness. We will not be a state broadcaster, offering boring news by bureaucrats for elites and paid for by taxpayers,” said Teneycke, who resigned last week as a CBC pundit.

“We will be unapologetically patriotic, we will offer the type of raw debate that Canadians only find today in coffee shops and around the dinner table,” he said, deriding the politic discourse on existing networks as “play fighting.”

“Sun News will be controversially Canadian. CBC News Network and CTV News Channel … have failed to win over Canadians despite their obvious advantages of incumbency. ... Canadian TV news today is narrow, it’s complacent and it’s politically correct. It’s bland and boring. Our aim is not to bore people to death, we’ll leave that to the CBC.”
Talking smack, Canuckistan-style. Beauty, eh? Sounds like Fox News. Just don't say that to Sun News — they say that's unfair labeling and amounts to hoser competitors "taking a shot" to try to get viewers to dismiss the new network.

Gotta love it: picking a fight by accusing the competition of picking a fight. But, really, which American network would try that?

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