TLP: Wait Until PETA Finds Out

immigrant jobs
Not that it's right to hire illegal immigrants, but who else is clamoring for jobs at the meatpacking plants of Fremont, Nebraska?

AP via The Huffington Post:
Angered by a recent influx of Hispanic workers attracted by jobs at local meatpacking plants, voters in the eastern Nebraska city of Fremont will decide Monday whether to ban hiring or renting property to illegal immigrants.

The vote will be the culmination of a two-year fight that saw proponents collect enough signatures to put the question to a public vote. If the ordinance is approved, the community of 25,000 people could face a long and costly court battle. Either way, the emotions stirred up won't settle quickly.

"Even if we say 'no' ... we still need to say, 'How do we get along with each other now?'" said Kristin Ostrom, who helps oversee a campaign against the measure.

Across the nation, people have been outraged by – and demanded action against – the poor enforcement of federal laws to prevent illegal immigration. A law recently introduced in Arizona requires police to question people on their immigration status if there's a "reasonable suspicion" they are illegal.
Fremont's unemployment is 4.9 percent, about half the national rate. Not bad in this economy. Is this the prime job opportunity in town? Are the residents itching to take this work on?
Workers called stunners use mechanical or chemical devices to make the animals unconscious before they slaughter them. When the animal is unconscious, shacklers hoist it to an overhead rail belt. Animal stickers then cut the jugular vein and let all the blood drain from the carcass, or dead body. The overhead rail then brings the carcass to steamers, de-hairing machine tenders, singers, and shavers, who remove the hide, hair, and dirt, and clean the carcass with water and brushes. Then carcass splitters cleave the carcass open and remove the innards. After eviscerators and offal separators separate the edible and inedible parts from the carcass, they send the split sides to a chilling room for twenty-four to forty-eight hours. After chilling, meatcutters, or butchers, cut the heads off the carcasses. Using cleavers, saws, and knives, they slice beef and lamb into various sizes, such as quarters, forequarters, and hindquarters. They ship some meat this way to wholesalers or other customers.
Maybe it is the best job in town.

The Lazy Paperboy

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


elf2006real said...

Yo mucho gusto carne!!

Then again, I could be a serial killer. (I kid, I kid).

Well how do people think beef got to the plate?

And maybe Nebraska doesn't want 10% unemployment.

Brittanicus said...

The ACLU, a pro-illegal immigrant, anti-sovereignty law organization that taxpayers are supporting, is incessantly intimidating true Americans and permanent residents? YES! You pay through the nose, to subsidize this Communist-inspired entity. We can beat these creeps, when they threatened to sue small towns and cities, that have been overwhelmed by the illegal alien plight? If hundreds of communities started to fight back--such as Fremont, Nebraska--by voting out Liberals hiding behind Democrats, who are tearing the fabric of this law abiding country apart. United cities, towns who want to stop this propagating invasion, should collectively vote against illegal aliens stealing jobs, the harboring foreign nationals, renting property and accessing welfare entitlements. The ACLU and other radical groups do not have the absolute legal representation in numbers or cash, to sue massive collectives of municipalities that have had enough of encroachment of illegal people who scorn our laws.

Every citizen-resident must realize this also influences--YOU--and your children's future, wages, culture, language and the deterioration of our most sacred document--the US Constitution. by Leftist extremists.

The federal government has failed to build the border fence correctly? Only one fence has been partly completed, the second fence built as a prison chain-link fence adorned with nasty razor wire. Its' incredulous that the 2006 Secure fence act was under funded could not work, because of the interdiction by Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-TX, and co-sponsored by Sen. John Cornyn, (R-TX) Investigate the--REAL FENCE--as in San Diego, California that has a 99.8 success rate, but our US Government never passes on this information. Learn about the Liberal Democrats forcible push in cramming--AMNESTY--down your throat. Hundreds and billions of dollars are secretly used to pay for underwriting "Anchor Babies" and welfare, that come out of your payroll check. NumbersUSA gives all the financial answers and more. Get rid ALL--the Pro-Amnesty political incumbents in November.

mherzog said...

Check out this video PETA made:

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the "stunners" could find work in D.C. ?