TLP: What Do You Suppose She'll Wear To Court?

sexy wardrobe lawsuit
The woman who said she was fired by Citibank for being too sexy for her shirt looks to be headed to court. And seeing that she has hired attorney Gloria Allred, it's a toss-up as to who will be the bigger spectacle if the case ever gets to trial.

The Huffington Post:
Debrahlee Lorenzana, who claimed she was fired by a New York City Citibank branch for being too good-looking, has beefed up her legal team.

Lorenzana has hired Gloria Allred, a high-powered feminist lawyer who also represents alleged Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel, RadarOnline reports. In a statement, Allred told RadarOnline that Lorenzana "has been unfairly and viciously attacked in the media for having the courage to step forward and take a stand against blatant sex discrimination and retaliation."

Last week, according to the New York Post, Lorenzana, 33, returned to her job at a New York City JPMorgan office. Her return, reports the New York Daily News , "came days after her [former] lawyer claimed Chase was threatening to fire her for speaking out against Citi."
Don't spend too much time picking out your courtroom wardrobe, Debrahlee, or holding lame news conferences with your lawyer. Better file that lawsuit before the courts are clogged with BP oil spill cases, election challenges or stalking claims.

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Jonah Gibson said...

I love this story. On the one hand it seems obvious what Lorenzana is up to. Adding a high-profile high-publicity lawyer like Alred just clinches the supposition. On the other hand you just know that the testosterone poisoned boys at Citi were salivating in the corridors, and, up to a point, Citi is going to be powerless to avoid some kind of settlement. You can argue that this is no justice until you consider that when Citi raises the interest rate on their credit cards, customers are also powerless to do much about it. What goes around comes around, and I for one will be happy to see Lorenzana in sexy new clothes bought with Citi's money. Just hope she posts the pics online.

Count on the photos, I'm sure. This would be a pre-packaged, multimedia lawsuit, if it gets to that.

Of course, the Allred factor pretty much guarantees that it won't get to court. How could she afford to spend time preparing for trial or actually litigating. It would seriously cut in to the attention-whoring. Upside for the client: Allred seems perfectly able to keep that rap going til the settlement check gets cut.