White House Budget Director Calls it Quits

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 , 0 Comments

Maybe the White House can pull a Board of Governors and convince Orszag to stick around for a few more months, at least until they get things a little settled with his replacement.

(Who in the hell would want the job of White House budget director?! Haha SUCKER!)


Peter R. Orszag will leave his job as the White House budget director in July, according to someone familiar with his plans, making him perhaps the first official to leave the Obama cabinet and removing a major player from President Obama’s economic team.

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Mr. Orszag, an economist who previously spent nearly two years as director of the Congressional Budget Office, somewhat reluctantly accepted Mr. Obama’s invitation to join the cabinet after the 2008 election and never planned to stay more than two years. Typically, budget directors do not. While the president recently urged Mr. Orszag to remain, the calendar for drafting the next budget weighed in favor of Mr. Orszag’s leaving sooner. So did Mr. Orszag’s personal calendar: He is getting married in September.

It can't have anything to do with Orszag (spell check, HuffPo) knocking up one chick and then getting engaged to another months later, does it? No, can't, that's too old a story. It HAS to be that this administration is just too fucked up and he can't take it anymore.

The jokes for this one write themselves so I will refrain, it's just too easy.

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