The Wicked Witch of the Far Left Gets New $18,000 a Month SF Digs, Thanks Taxpayer!

This makes my skin crawl. Put that asshat in an $800 a month Tenderloin studio next to the rest of the crackheads and call it a day.

$18,736 a month! I've SEEN the new federal building, it's only two blocks down from one of San Francisco's most notorious crack alleys (6th St) and doesn't even have much of a view. What the fuck are we paying this for?

Also, if this is a "federal" building as it is called, why is a federal employee paying rent? Can someone please clarify that for me? Where does the money go, BACK to the government?

Roll Call:

Last fall, Speaker Nancy Pelosi moved her district office into the new federal building in San Francisco. The move quadrupled the rent she pays, and her new $18,736 monthly bill is almost double the next-highest rental paid by a Member of the House.

Listen, we all know it's expensive here. Why not force Pelosi out to Oakland like we do with everyone else? I am sure Waste Management has a garbage barge or two they'd be happy to rent out to her bitch ass.

The reason given for the move is that the Speaker of the House needs better security, which the new federal building can offer. Yes, I'm sure being centrally located just one block from some of the most ravenous drug addicts in our city is a total security upgrade. And we all know she's going to need it now that California taxpayers know how much she's paying for this new spot.

“After being based in the Burton Federal Building for over 20 years, we were no longer able to meet the needs of San Franciscans in the existing space. The new office space is 3,075 square feet, nearly a third larger than the old space, which was of inadequate size. Additionally, the new building is more centrally located, right off of Market Street, which allows for easier access for constituents via public transportation,” Hammill said. Pelosi’s old office was about a half mile away, near San Francisco’s city hall.

[Pelosi press secretary Drew] Hammill added: “As Speaker, the security needs are different. The new San Francisco Federal Building offers enhanced security features, which were a major factor in the decision to move offices.”

The new federal building is also an award-winning “green” design, “consuming less than half the power of a standard office tower, saving taxpayer funds on utility costs,” Hammill said.

Fuck you and your "green" design, what the taxpayer isn't paying in utilities is more than made up by rent.

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Anonymous said...

what sort of hair would a Pelosi and Blagojevich love child have?

auweia said...

ha!'s not even two blocks where the crackheads are..It's only half a block from the Federal Building..I live there and you can watch crackheads live

OMG LOL!! Thank you for the link, I did not know about that site bwhahahaha too funny. and I am so sorry to hear you now not only have to deal with crackheads but now Nancy Pelosi too. Poor thing :(

auweia said...

wanna see how close I really's a night shot from my window..the federal building where Pelosi is is the tall one in the middle

I didn't know until a couple days ago it was federal building...she used to be downtown

God, such a beautiful view if you only look up and can avoid looking down!

auweia said... do you know about street sheets?..are in canada?

LOL no, I'm a San Franciscan (imported from the Midwest 11 years ago) - live in the Inner Richmond. I AM big in Canada but that doesn't mean I would want to live there :)

Pinky Swear said...

Six dollars a square foot for Class A office space would be crazy here, but many things crazy here are normal in San Francisco. You want the government tenant to pay, even though it's just shifting money from one pocket to another, and to disclose the payments. That's the only thing that prevents even more lavish self-indulgence, as the British legislators recently proved.

And I lived in the Mission for 3 years so I know EXACTLY what you are going through alllll too well. I've stepped over my fair share of feces and passed out hookers.

auweia said...

ah OK....just so you know, I was unaware of your blog until today, and it came across my desk because of a single word "tenderloin" on google alerts, which is in this post

now I have your blog bookmarked and I'll check it sometimes

you know there's a methadone clinic right behind the new federal building in the same alley (stevenson)?'s been there since before the new fed building was built

In fact, I'm pretty sure access by automobile to the fed building is in that alley, and they have to drive by all the junkies hanging out at 7th and Stevenson..although there's another one on Mission

but still, it's easy enough to make hay of all that..when people find out how close Pelosis office is to junkie heaven and crackhead alley...just yards away

i'm a bike messenger, btw..for 20 years

You mean the same methadone clinic that is directly in front of my bus stop home (at least the Geary branch)? Yes, I am familiar with it :)

The drug, hooker and gang problem in San Francisco is our dirtiest little secret, worse than back asswards SF politics, overpriced real estate, and the tendency of Muni buses to cluster 3 in a row. I could not BELIEVE what I saw when I first got here in 1999... people selling dope RIGHT THERE in front of everyone! and then smoking it! What the fuck?!

Good to "meet" you, auweia, and do feel free to stop by if you're into econ, the Fed, bank shenanigans or what-have-you. And I promise to not run you off the road if I see you out there working ;)

W.C. Varones said...

You gotta start protesting that bitch's house again.

elf2006real said...

She behaves like the Aristocrat she thinks is, and if we don't vote as many incumbents out as possible than slowly that's what they'll become. Maybe not so slowly.

I personally think that Alvin Greene won because he was the first non incumbent in Alphabetical order on the ballot.

Speaking of drugs, she's got to be on something, right? Normal people wouldn't taunt the voters with a clown sized gavel.

Of course the Federal bldg is located near a core constituency; addicts.

You should have seen the crack wars in DC in the late 80's. It was like Juarez Mexico. 400 plus murders a year.