Yeah, Forcing Tourists to Pay to Access San Francisco Sights is a GREAT Idea

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 , , 0 Comments

Psst, San Francisco has a bit of a budget problem in case you didn't get that memo.

SF Gate:

Out-of-town visitors will have to start paying an admission fee to San Francisco's tranquil and well-tended Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park, now that the Board of Supervisors signed off on the proposal after months of heated public debate.

San Francisco residents will continue to get free entry. The charge, set to go into effect in late July or early August, will be $7 for adults. Discounts will be offered to seniors and youths.

The total price for a family will be capped at $15. The money-making initiative is expected to generate $250,000 a year for the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, officials say.

I've never been but it doesn't look like I have to hurry up and go since San Francisco is deciding to take it out of tourist asses and not mine. Way to encourage them to come visit our city that relies so heavily on recession-battered hospitality money. FAIL.

I talk a lot of shit about them but even I understand that you have to at least BE NICE to the tourists. Come on now.

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