At Least It Wasn't Slumlords Looking to Rent Out Overpriced Mission Closets to Immigrants

Saturday, July 17, 2010 0 Comments

I drove down "the new" Valencia St yesterday (please no bike riders trash me because I was in my car checking it out) and thought these poles were really rude ass Missioners already stickering up the fancy new installations. Turns out that might have been the point.

Mission Loc@l:
In the artwork “Valencia Street Post,” officially unveiled on Valencia Street Thursday, the word “post” is meant to be a pole, news or postmodernism.

Or it could just be a place to stick up missing cat fliers. San Francisco artist Michael Arcega, said he came up with the design after noticing how public spaces in the Mission such as storefronts and telephone poles become canvasses for community expression.

Not at all like the time "artists" trashed the sculpture on loan from Shanghai in front of City Hall.

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