California Chooses Between Federal Money and Its Students

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 , 0 Comments

I don't buy this "study" but if I did, I'd be a bit concerned with the state having to choose between federal funds and the greater good of its students. But since when do we care about them?

SF Gate:
California typically lands at or near the bottom in virtually every measure of public school performance nationally, but the academic content taught to the state's schoolchildren is second to none, according to a study released Tuesday. That status has left the Golden State with a conundrum. To be more competitive for federal Race to the Top funds, the state must adopt common standards in English, math and other subjects to be in sync with most other states.

But that would mean replacing the academic standards that were recognized in the study conducted by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, a think tank based in Ohio.

Opponents argue that the standards suck. I argue that that is a feature, not a bug. What does the administration do to address the dumbing-down of America? What it always does when it wants to standardize wildly fluctuating rules like how we educate our children: wave some money around.

25 states have adopted the standards thus far. Line up, Arnie, you know you need it.

As is, my 1st grader spent half of kindergarten counting spoons in drawers and drawing circles on paper to represent 100. "New math," I'm told, wondering all the while how that prepares him for old math, which we're still working on at home. At this rate his class will be ready to do multiplication by 10th grade.

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