Don't Get Robbed in Oakland Without Internet Access

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 , , , 2 Comments

I want to know if the Oakland PD is standing by their statement that they would no longer respond via phone to common Oakland issues such as vandalism, car wrecks and burglary. That's right, Chief Batts says you'll have to fill out an online form if you want their help.

SF Gate:

Oakland laid off 80 police officers Tuesday after negotiations between city officials and union leaders failed on one simple matter: job security.

The police union demanded that the city guarantee that its officers would not be laid off for three years in exchange for giving up some pension benefits that would have eased the city's budget problems.

I love how they squeezed out the weak ass Oscar Grant riots before dropping the other shoe on Oakland PD but then again, the union was asking for it.

Oakland will now bring the issue before voters, seeking a parcel tax to make up for its shortfall. I'm sure the residents of Oakland will wholeheartedly support if they'll forced to submit forms on the Internet each time they are assaulted, robbed and/or beaten. Excellent job, guys, excellent job.

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elleroi said...

who said they responded to any of these crimes previous to the layoffs?