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Long story short, the Democrats complained that the Obama administration didn't seem to be helping Congressional Democrats when it comes to 2010 elections. I hate to break it to the left, but this administration has enough on its plate as is without also working to ensure these idiots have a job next year.

Perhaps - and I could be way off here - the Obama administration is smarter than I give them credit for and there's a strategy here. The strategy being these idiots are toxic and it's a lot easier to put the blame on someone else if the Republicans can get their shit together by November and take back Congress. Then Obama gets a convenient scapegoat for every scheme gone awry in a Republican-controlled Congress that will likely cockblock him every step of the way.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday sought to play down reports of tension between Democratic lawmakers and the White House, saying that President Obama and his team have been "cooperative" with their reelection efforts and would be even more so in the future.

House Democrats have lashed out in recent days at the White House, venting long-suppressed anger over what they see as Obama's lukewarm efforts to help them win reelection. They have accused administration officials of undermining the party's chances of retaining the House majority in November's midterm elections.

At her weekly news briefing Thursday, less than 48 hours after she and other House Democrats criticized Obama's political operation at a private caucus meeting, she said she and her fellow leaders visited the White House on Wednesday to smooth over the tension and discuss the legislative agenda.

"We had a very positive meeting with the president yesterday," Pelosi said. "Our major focus was on jobs. . . . There is absolutely no reason to think that the White House has been anything but cooperative with us in terms of our political efforts to retain control of Congress."

Sounds like someone got a stern talking-to and put in her place.

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