Goldman Sachs' Pervert Lawyer Will Not be Dropping the Soap Any Time Soon

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So what happened to Goldman Sachs' resident pervert lawyer who got busted trying to send cockshots to what he thought was a 15 year old girl? Thanks to an anonymous reader for reminding me to update this now that our little skeezy friend has been back in court.

Todd Genger has finally been sentenced to time served and 5 years probation, which means he's got a felony on his record but won't be getting assraped by any big dudes named Bruno in any upstate New York prisons any time soon. Ahhh justice. I am assuming he's since been let go from his duties at GS but if someone could please confirm that I'd be forever grateful. Knowing the Goldman rats he got a promotion and is now Executive Vice President in Charge of Financially Assraping the Peasants. I'm not allowed to link to the court case so here you go:,+Todd+W&court=Westchester+County+Court+-+Criminal+Term&courtType=S&recordType=C&recordNum=18340894

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Jr Deputy Accountant

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


You have to wonder if things would have worked out differently if Genger had heard the magic words: "Why don't you have a seat over there?"

Anonymous said...

What exactly does "time served" mean in this context?


That means "every other pervert actually has to serve time but this asshat got off with five years probation"

I am assuming.

Anonymous said...

Todd Genger pled guilty to TWO felony charges. So his criminal record includes TWO felony convictions (at least). Now the process of his disbarment should be monitored. See Todd Genger must register as a sex offender. See If Todd Genger has been classified as a Level 2 or 3 sex offender, then his name, address, and photograph shall be posted on the New York Sex Offender Registry (NY DCJS) website. If he has been classified as a Level 1 sex offender, then a call to the NY DCJS will provide information about Mr. Genger.

Thank you, anon, I wasn't aware of the 2nd charge, do you have a link to it? Westchester County is only showing the 1 (disseminating indecent material to a minor)...

guess he won't be renewing his law license this month eh?

Anonymous said...

Scumbag was in Florida with his wife and children living with his father in law. About a week before his court date he and his family moved back to NY. So watchout!

Anonymous said...

Todd Genger will likely soon be suspended from the bar. He has obligations to notify the New York office of court administration of the criminal matter. Not sure whether the obligation arose upon the charges being imposed or upon conviction; in either case, Mr Genger must notify the office of court administration of his two felony convictions. The process would likely be (1) immediate suspension followed by (2) investigation into whether or not Mr Genger should be disbarred. In this case, the convictions for two felonies resulted in disbarment as a matter of law at the moment the first felony conviction was entered. So the process of disbarment for Mr. Genger is largely a formality. Mr Genger will be disbarred nunc pro tunc--now for then--and the effective date of the disbarment will be entered going back to the date of the felony convictions.

Pleading guilty to any misdemeanor or felony offense will result in a permanent criminal record. The criminal record can be seen by anyone who conducts a background check, such as employers, landlords, banks, insurance companies, credit bureaus, licensing boards, dating services, members of the public who use the many on-line instant background check services, and others. Since a criminal record lasts FOREVER, a person should never plead guilty to any crime without advice from an experienced criminal defense attorney. People convicted of sex crimes face the most onerous consequence of all: lifetime or long-term registration as a sex offender under the Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA).

Anonymous said...

Update from the New York Law Journal:

Cite as: Matter of Genger, M-4564, NYLJ 1202475297322, at *1 (App. Div. 1st, Decided October 7, 2010)

Before: Saxe, J.P., Acosta,Freedman, Richterand Abdus-Salaam, JJ.

Decided: October 7, 2010

Alan W. Friedberg, Chief Counsel, Departmental Disciplinary Committee, New York (Mady J. Edelstein, of counsel), for petitioner

Law Offices of Michael S. Ross (Pery D. Krinsky, ofcounsel), for respondent.


Disciplinary proceedings instituted by the Departmental Disciplinary Committee for the First Judicial Department. Respondent, Todd William Genger, was admitted to the Bar of the State of New York at a Term of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court for the Second Judicial Department on May 22, 2002.


Per curiam
Respondent Todd William Genger was admitted to the practice of law in the State of New York by the Second Judicial Department on May 22, 2002, as Todd William Genger. At all times relevant to this proceeding, respondent maintained an office for the practice of law within the First Judicial Department.

On February 23, 2010, in the Superior Court, Westchester County, respondent pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted dissemination of indecent materials to minors in the first degree, in violation of Penal Law §§110.00 and 235.22, a class E felony.

During his plea allocution respondent admitted that between December 9, 2008 and June 23, 2009 and between April 13, 2009 and July 27, 2009, he intentionally engaged in a series of computer chat conversations as a means to attempt, importune, invite or induce a person he believed to be a minor to engage in sexual conduct for his benefit. Respondent admitted to engaging in these computer chat conversations with a person he believed to be a 15-year old female, but who was actually an undercover investigator, and that the conversations included discussions of specific sexual acts. On June 29, 2010, respondent was sentenced to a five-year period of probation.


The Departmental Disciplinary Committee now seeks an order striking respondent's name from the roll of attorneys on the ground that he was disbarred upon his conviction of a felony as defined by Judiciary Law §90(4)(e). Respondent, through counsel, does not oppose the relief sought by the Committee. Respondent was automatically disbarred upon his felony conviction because a conviction for "any criminal offense classified as a felony under the laws of this state" results in automatic disbarment pursuant to Judiciary Law §90(4)(a). Consequently, striking respondent's name from the roll of attorneys is appropriate pursuant to Judiciary Law §90(4)(b)(see Matter of Kabas, 30 AD3d 34 [2006][attorney convicted of attempted dissemination of indecent materials to minors in the first degree automatically disbarred]; Matter of Stark, 309 AD2d 4 [2003]; Matter of Paladino, 291 AD2d 127 [2002]; Matter of Chilewich, 20 AD3d 109 [2005]).

Accordingly, the petition is granted, as respondent ceased to be an attorney authorized to practice law in New York State upon his felony convictions, and respondent's name is stricken from the roll of attorneys and counselors-at-law in the State of New York, effective nunc pro tunc to February 23, 2010.

All concur.

Order filed.

Anonymous said...

Todd Genger was deemed a Level I Sex Offender and he is required to register with the state as a sex offender.