Hurry Up and Buy Those Hamsters, San Francisco

Saturday, July 10, 2010 , 2 Comments

 my girls don't find this to be entertainment
(the cat is from Minnesota but that is definitely a San Francisco pet store hamster)

First the San Francisco Board of Supervisors bans plastic bags. Now I support keeping unnecessary plastic out of landfills but in a city that boasts a rainy season that lasts from October - May (in a good year) and one hell of a public transportation system, paper bags can make already difficult shopping trips on the bus pure hell. It wasn't enough that most stores offered credit if you brought your own bag, they had to outlaw the bags altogether. Guess what? Turns out reusable bags are packed with creepy critters and users can get sick from them. No shit, bloody meat leaks when you're running to catch the 38 Geary in the endless rain.

Then, in the same week that San Francisco banned the use of Styrofoam in to-go containers, they also made marijuana one of the city's lowest priorities; after homeless guys shitting in the alley, crackhead overdosing in the space toilet and random crazy lady screaming in the median on Market St. Since then, this has pretty much meant that you would have to be both smoking a joint and shitting in the alley to get stopped by the SFPD over weed.

Now San Francisco wants to ban the sale of ALL animals - not just cats and dogs - in commercial pet stores. As far as I am aware, we only have two Petcos in the city and I don't know any true San Franciscans who would actually purchase an animal from either store. I personally recommend Animal Connection in the Outer Sunset, the small community-based pet shop from which my fuzzy little friend Smoky comes.

C.W. Nevius via the Chronicle

There were reports that the Thursday night hearing on an idea to ban the sale of pets in San Francisco lasted five hours. Sally Stephens, chairperson of the Animal Control and Welfare commission, says that's not true.

"It wasn't five hours but it felt like it,'' she said.

At the end of the meeting — which was more like four hours — the motion to ban the sale of pets was tabled, at least until next month. Stephens said although there was a lot of emotional back and forth between animal advocates and pet store owners, there was also the potential for compromise. The commission hopes that the two groups can use the time to find a common ground; perhaps a place at pet stores where visitors can adopt rescue animals for example.

"Also,'' Stephens said, "a lot of commissioners said that we heard a lot of information and we wanted some time to mull it over. We are looking at ways to address this without a ban.''

As one Chronicle commenter said, the compromise could be a gun-style waiting period, which is but a precursor to fingerprinting just to pick up a bag of cat chow. Way to make us feel like we're completely incapable of making responsible adult decisions, you asshats.

Would anyone care to wildly speculate as to what sort of economic impact this might have on already-struggling San Francisco?

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Anonymous said...

Would there be an exemption for sex shops to sell gerbils?

LOL, anon. I'm pretty sure SFers will be forced to get their ass gerbils like they get their Xanax: on the street.

I can't wait to see a gerbil bust on 6th and Mission...