The Internet Bites Back, Will Swedish Parliament Host Pirate Bay?

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This is pretty much the weirdest thing I've ever read but how awesome would it be if we could get something like this to happen here? Could you imagine Limewire facilitating the free exchange of non-virus-infected porn and mp3s as a constitutional right from Capitol Hill? We all know Washington, too, is immune from any "questionable" activities "as part of their political mandate."

The Swedish Pirate Party is trying:

The Swedish Pirate Party: We want to make use of parliamentary immunity from prosecution to protect The Pirate Bay.

The Pirate Party recently started to deliver Internet bandwidth to The Pirate Bay, a bittorrent search engine. It is a website that helps people to share digital content, regardless of form. Since The Pirate Bay was founded in 2003, the copyright industry has constantly tried to sabotage and prevent both its servers and users from communicating. This is a problem affecting free speech as well as the internet infrastructure.

It is long since the file-sharing debate was primarily about intellectual property. For several years, it has been about fundamental civil rights such as free speech and the right to privacy. This has become obvious, for example, when a German court recently denied the website The Pirate Bay the right to act politically and ordered it banned from the internet.

No one should be denied the right to act politically. Therefore, the Swedish Pirate Party stepped in and became The Pirate Bay's ISP. But we want to go even further. The Swedish Constitution is often ignored, but it contains an interesting detail. It says that MPs can not be sued or prosecuted for something that is done as part of their political mandate.

In practice, this implies total immunity for any political action taken within this working environment. Some of the Pirate Party's prospective MPs intend to use this to host the entire Pirate Bay from inside the parliament, if today's operators of the site accept this and if we win a place in parliament in the Swedish elections on September 19.

Unfortunately I do not know enough about Swedish politics to add anything useful.

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