Is the Deepwater Drilling Moratorium Worse Than the Oil Spill?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 , 3 Comments

Brian Walsh asks via TIME's Ecocentric.

(I stopped caring about Deepwater weeks ago but maybe you still do)

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Anonymous said...

The Net of it:
The moratorium reduces gulf well safety, and puts us much closer to a time of fuel shortages and/or much higher prices (presuming the gov will institute price controls).

The moratorium is causing the newest drill rig technology to pick up from the gulf and go somewhere else and get locked into long term contracts. Once the moratorium is over, we will be stuck with the old more dangerous technology to use in the gulf (approx 25% of US supply comes from Gulf of Mex.) There are a shortage of rigs and manufacturing backlog.

Oil is the blood of US economy period. The only growing areas of oil production are coming from offshore and tar-sands, and world consumption isn't going down. If we are to replace the gulf oil supply with tar sand, expect a dramatic increase in cost.

So, yes, the moratorium is F%$*ing stupid. It's like a deliberate act of destruction against the USA. Good Job Obama, you F%#ing killed the economy... dumb shit.

Anonymous said...

I'm going long horses and buggys.

OldSouth said...

Yes. The spill was a tragic accident, and lots of people are working full tilt, in spite of the best efforts of the White House, to fix it.

The moratorium, on the other hand, is a deliberate decision made by Obama, with full knowledge of the devastation it has and will create in the Gulf region.

And, as of today, even with the new cap installed on the well, the feds won't allow it to be tested.

OS has reluctantly come to the conclusion that Obama and company are much more keen on having the problem than working on the solution.