Jobs I Don't Envy: Business Owners in Oakland Right Now

Friday, July 02, 2010 , , 5 Comments

If you're in Oakland, lock your doors.

Some groups are preaching peace while others are boarding up and preparing for war ahead of the Mehserle trial decision that's with a jury right now in LA.

The Oakland PD has a warning to business owners on their website from the CEO of the City, Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums. Wonder where he'll be hiding out for the next few days or weeks?

This would scare the shit out of me if I lived in Oakland:

Simple Steps to Help Keep Oakland Safe

We anticipate that regardless of the verdict reached by the jury, demonstrations could occur in downtown Oakland, and potentially throughout the city. The City is committed to facilitating peaceful demonstrations.

And we are prepared to deal with the situation if it turns violent. Here are some simple steps you can take:

• Stay tuned to your local TV and radio stations for information.
• On the day the verdict is announced, if possible park your car in a secure location.
• Remove or secure large trash receptacles.
• Let employees know they have the option to close the business and get to a safe location.
• Be sure your business is well lit. Good lighting increases visibility—and also increases the effectiveness of any closed circuit TV system.
• If you have a closed circuit TV, be sure it is in good working order and is turned on. Save recordings of documented criminal activity.
• Leave the cash drawer empty and open after business hours.
• If your business is damaged, take photographs if possible.

The Oakland PD can also be found on Twitter @oaklandpoliceca, promising updates on the situation over there across the bay. Yeesh.

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beebsblog said...

That reminds me. I need more hollowpoint ammo for the 9mm Sig226.

Kind of curious that the city didn't recommend the carrying of firearms inside a business to protect employees.


W.C. Varones said...

Damn. I'm in town Tuesday. I hope the verdict comes down then.

I loves me some good riots.

Let's drive over in "Media" vests and cover it!!

elf2006real said...

Don't be afraid. That's what they want - they being the "community". They win by punking you out.

Seriously I now know you weren't around for the 60's/70's.

And yes, get ammo, and indicate your calm willingness to use it.

I came of age in the 90s, Elf, so no, missed all of that.

I, like beebs, find it funny there was no mention of arming oneself for protection.

Rumors are the thugs are also going to take over BART lines at some point though BART has been quietly shutting down the system piece by piece (elevators/exits) over the last month or so knowing this was coming eventually... I will be safely stashed on this side of the Bay popping popcorn and watching the fires from across the water.