Let's Hope Doug Shulman Remembers to Internally CC Those 990 Reminders Next Year

An early "year's best" winner for irony definitely goes to the IRS folks in Des Moines. (via GC)

It seems of the charities unaware of new 990 rules, the IRS is among them. Bonus points for the last known mailing address reading PO Box 1337. Not so 1337, IRS. I'm mailing them a Post-it with "990" written in Sharpie just to be helpful.


The IRS has found that a large number of charities were unaware of the expanded Form 990 requirements and are in danger of losing their tax-exempt status. The IRS had earlier indicated that it would give small charities extra time with the filings and it has now provided a specific deadline extension date.

Non-profits had three years to get theirs in and though the first due date was really May 17th, IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman has said October 15th for sure definitely they have to be in. Though the Service did its due diligence to communicate the new requirement (I'm sure the Des Moines mail was delayed by, er, snow and USPS' budget problems that lead to really shitty mail service), they're accepting some of the blame and being nice. Until October.

Just in case they really really didn't get the memo, the Service has published a list of "outstanding" 990ers including our Service Employee friends in Iowa.

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