Maricopa County Don't Need No Stinking Law

Friday, July 30, 2010 , , 6 Comments

Not one to be told what to do by some stinking court, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio went out yesterday afternoon looking to bust some illegals. In Maricopa's 17th immigration sweep since 2008 - through which the county has made 1,000 arrests, around 700 of which were actually illegal immigrants - Arpaio was joined by the media as he cruised through town looking for dirty Mexicans lawbreakers who may or may not actually be citizens of a distant locale.

LA Times:

With most of Arizona's new immigration law blocked by a judge, controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio launched his 17th "crime suppression" sweep in Maricopa County, pledging late Thursday afternoon to have his deputies and volunteers check the immigration status of those arrested.

"We're looking for anybody who violates the law," he said. "If we find any illegal aliens, they are going to be arrested."

The operation began about 4 p.m. after being delayed for several hours while his deputies responded to demonstrations outside the county jail in Phoenix. During those protests, several people were arrested and others detained, including a legal observer and a news photographer.

His timing and intentions are suspect but at least he keeps it real.

Arpaio said Thursday that he didn't go looking for illegal immigrants but found them because they were out breaking the law. Arpaio said he timed the operation for the day SB 1070 took effect to send a message — that nothing is changing despite U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton's ruling.

"I want the people of Maricopa County to know, 'Hey if you are here illegally and you commit a crime — go somewhere else,'" he said.

How exactly does he decide who to arrest? What about those few high yellow Mexicans who boast green eyes and brown hair, does he go after them? Is his crew trained to spot bootleg Nikes and U.S. Polo Association kick pants?

This is NOT the first time Sheriff Arpaio's methods have been, erm, questioned a tad.

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elf2006real said...

Remember how you felt about the *putative* Oakland riots?

Well your average day or night in da AZ makes all that trouble together look like misdemeanors.

Phoenix is the kidnapping capital of the USA, and the second place kidnapping capital of the world. After Mexico City that is.

And no they (criminals) don't just target Mexicans. That's a racist media myth.

This guys peeps love him BTW. As do the voters.

elf2006real said...

And there's also the problem that the courts are the chief source of lawlessness in our land.

Here's my problem with "roundin' up the illegals", Elf... My son is half-Nicaraguan and therefore browner than pale blue-eyed Mom with an obvious Central American influence at work in his DNA. Should my son have to carry his birth certificate everywhere he goes (show us your papers!) just to prove that he is a citizen?

The crisis at the border is completely misunderstood by the media (the same media that believes ANYONE in California buys Mexican marijuana hahahaha yeah right) so I'm not surprised to hear they have it horribly wrong. I'm all for municipalities taking illegal immigration into their own hands since the federal government might as well take down the border altogether as it isn't enforcing it but I question this method simply because of my concerns that my son might grow up to be harassed because his father legally came across that same border at 15 to escape civil war in Nicaragua.

With me? Hey, if Arpaio is still Sheriff then I guess his constituents think he's doing his job and that's what matters.

elf2006real said...

I'm in Jerzy where we're all mixed in, so we can't - and generally don't- do the race thing either way.

If were exchanging credentials my wife is frequently mistaken for a Spanish speaker - by Spanish speakers. She's Asian.

The race card is being played to distract attention from the real issues at the frontier zones (it can't really be called a border at this point).

And the only racism I've seen on this issue is from Spanish Supremacists, and Mexican Chauvinism.

The race card is being played against you here, and it's dirty pool.

Also counterproductive to the hypothetically targeted group.

Now - if it were my intention to do a group harm, I'd send DC down to help them.

Don't drink the Kool Aide. Arpaio is doing his actual job.

elf2006real said...

This is just the Americano's vs los Cambio.

Or if we must do race, it's white vs Lily.

Not the same.

I watched Arpaio get "grilled" by Anderson Cooper... and have to say he stood his ground and didn't say anything asinine that leads me to believe he isn't really doing his job. Like I said, if the voters like him... that's all that matters right?

I suggest if Phoenix is that bad a move might be in order.