Meet Me in the Trap, It's Goin Down

Tuesday, July 06, 2010 , 2 Comments

Anyone else up for dinner and dancing in Oakland tonight?

In the event of a decision in the Mehserle trial, something is going down and I am fairly certain the actual verdict does not matter. Oakland PD are exacerbating the potential situation by mobilizing "against violence" while preaching peace, all the while never suggesting that merchants arm themselves (that's still legal, people, let's not forget that) nor making a large effort to keep people out of the city. Well who goes to Oakland anyway?

I know an ex paperboy that would get really pissed at the City of Oakland were a certain Fedbashing asshat to have one hair on her skunky little head harmed over there should she decide to go watch. If I were Oakland, I'd be trying to keep the media (and everyone else) out, not encouraging them with a parking lot and a new Twitter account. Moths to a lightbulb, guys, don't make it sound fun for me or you're encouraging it, I don't care what the "tactical" strategy is in Oakland PD's mind.

Oakland seems, thus far, fixated on insisting everything will be fine despite the boarded-up storefronts and general feeling of fear emanating from over there right now. That's a fine enough tactic but it only works up until the point that shit falls apart and Oakland gets trashed. This particular riot will be interesting as it involves a major method of transportation as well and BART will be a hostile place to be, hopefully they spent their holiday weekend quietly locking down. What can they do, close off the Transbay Tube and contain it somehow? Professional protesters (the asshats in Berkeley who show up at every single rally, including End the Fed, and love torching shit) will likely organize on BART somewhere, making me grateful I am nearly in the Avenues and not anywhere near a BART station. We get weird assholes but nothing like what could seep over from Oakland all fucking day and night. The professional protesters don't care about the outcome of the trial, they are just itching for some action and ready to light some shit on fire. Stay away from my shit and we won't have a problem.

I'll be over here on this side of the bay unless WC Varones wants to get his ass out there with me on his last day in town when they start trashing shit, in which case my car will be staying over here on this side regardless.

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W.C. Varones said...

I hate to miss a good riot, but I left my guns in San Diego. Gonna have to catch this one on TV.

Yes, please keep that skunky little head safely away from whatever goes down on the other side of the Bay. There must be some Mumia protesters who need something to do ...