New York State Tries to Crack Down on Crack Motels

Saturday, July 24, 2010 , 3 Comments

New York is totally butthurt about their quality of life being endangered by big bad temporary renters; hookers, drug addicts and other various shady characters who patronize SROs, mostly. We've got that problem in San Francisco and trust me, trying to shut it down or at least get it under control isn't going to keep any legitimate person out of town ifyafeelme.

We call them "crack motels" here, not sure if the label translates over on the East Coast.


New York Gov. David Paterson has signed a bill that makes short-term, vacation apartment rentals illegal in New York City - a defeat for opponents who claim it will limit choices for Big Apple budget travelers, and an apparent about-face from comments Paterson made last week saying he would veto it.

The new law, which outlaws New York apartment rentals for less than 30 days, " fixes problems caused by illegal hotels and improves quality of life in traditional residential apartment buildings, while also meeting the needs of visitors. By removing a legal gray area and replacing it with a clear definition of permanent occupancy, the law will allow enforcement efforts that help New Yorkers who live in SRO units and other types of affordable housing preserve their homes," said Paterson in a prepared statement. "By making the effective date of this law May 1, 2011, property holders, business owners and not-for-profit corporations will be able to adjust the uses of their properties to the provisions of this law, or to dispose of the properties at issue so that they may find alternate sites for their current uses."

"Dispose of the properties"? What does that mean exactly?

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W.C. Varones said...


They are banning Manhattan VRBOs?

That's gonna piss some people off.

Why not say the law only applies to poor people? Like you have to charge at least $100 a night.

W.C. Varones said...

This has to be a plot by the dirty hotel cartel which doesn't want competition for its shitty $400 a night flea traps.

Follow the money. All the whores in Albany pushing this probably got donations from the hotel cartel.

elf2006real said...

No welfare, no drug problem anywhere near the dimensions we had before (which is a pale shadow of what it was before welfare reform).

Drug problem? No job. No job? No eat. So dope or food. You decide.

You love it enough to die on skid row, or wherever on the margins you go to die? Fine. We'll dump you there....