Oakland Has One Hell of a Weapon if it Gets Brutal Over There Tonight...

Thursday, July 08, 2010 0 Comments

The Bay Citizen shares a bit on an interesting weapon in Oakland PD's arsenal should things get rowdy over there after an involuntary manslaughter conviction in the Johannes Mehserle trial:

The LRAD, or long range acoustic device, functions as an extremely powerful mobile loudspeaker, but switch it to another setting, and it emits a painful, high-pitched noise that can cause permanent hearing loss. Concerns about use of the device at G20 summit protests recently prompted a Canadian court to order an injunction, then restrictions on use of the machine by Toronto police. Critics call it a “sonic cannon,” while Oakland police have said that protesters would only incur hearing damage if they stood close to the device without protecting their ears.

Although police trained with the device during drills two weeks ago, City Council member Jean Quan insists officers do not intend to use it during the protests. Quan and other City Council members recently spoke with police about the device.

“The chief will tell you he’s not planning on using it unless there is a life-or-death situation,” she said.

Word around the state is that San Franciscans don't know HOW to riot but I argue here that we ain't in San Francisco, Toto.

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