The San Francisco Fed is Going to Have to Replace Our Dear Janet Yellen

Those are some big shoes to fill. Well the actual shoes are probably just as shrunken as Janet herself but we are talking figuratively here.

Business Week:

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco said it has started the search for a new leader to replace Janet Yellen, President Barack Obama’s choice to be the central bank’s next vice chairman.

The district bank has hired an executive search firm and formed a committee to look for Yellen’s successor, spokeswoman Carol Eckert said today. She declined to identify the firm or the bank directors on the committee.

Well shit, if I were staying in town I'd offer to help out but, uh, I have better things to do (like beating the Paperboy and court-mandated sticker scraping on the side of the road) and if my previous "interactions" with the SF Fed are any indication, they probably don't want my help. Shame that, I'm great at tracking down easy money whores, it's like I was born to sniff them out.

Will San Francisco Fed stick to the formula and go with a bigger and badder Fedhead to perpetuate Yellen's legacy? Or will they grow a large low-hanging pair and dare to form a wise view that goes against everything we believe in here in the Bay Area (you know, like bubbles and overinflated housing prices)? I'm going with that first one, SF Fed doesn't have the guts to shake things up and grow a brain, let alone a large low-hanging pair.

Also, between me and Janet: Guess who is joining you out there in DC shortly? You guessed it, Miss Oh My Goodness herself, the Jr Deputy Accountant. What are the odds you'll rent me your guest house? Hit me up, girl, no hard feelings, it's all in good fun right? I take back that thing I did with the crazy googly eyes and that comment I made about you being the FOMC's resident troll. OK maybe not that last one, that one was true.

Jr Deputy Accountant

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Anonymous said...

Clown shoes *are* generally large and hard to fill.


Anonymous said...

Do you think Bozo's schlong matches his shoe size? (chuckle, chuckle)