TLP: Bodysurfing Might Not Be As Fun This Time

obama vacationBarry, you are doing this so wrong. Catching shit for going to Maine was one thing. But you went and it seemed, eh, fun as it could be under the circumstances.

But this? Looks like caving from here.

The Obama family is headed to the Gulf.

The White House announced this afternoon the Obamas – Barack, Michelle, Sasha and Malia (and presumably First Dog Bo) – will take a quick, weekend beach vacation on the Gulf of Mexico Aug. 14-15.

In successive trips, the president and first lady had encouraged Americans to visit the beaches of the Gulf, saying the vast majority are untainted by the BP oil gusher. But they themselves had steered clear, with a vacation in Maine this month and one planned for Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., in late August. Gulf Coast hoteliers, restaurateurs and store owners have reported empty rooms and tables as well as plunging sales this summer, as Americans stay clear of what they imagine to be tar-filled beaches.

The quick trip for the Obamas should inoculate them from criticism ahead of their longer vacation on the Vineyard.
Really? Looks slightly calculated. Sure, Bill Clinton may have polled to pick the most politically palatable vacation spot. But Bubba eventually said, "Fuck it," and did what he wanted. OK, maybe he always did. Seems to work out.

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