TLP: But Will They Have to Serve Tea at Their Meetings?

tea party politics"Why does the Honorable Mr. Paul always
get to be the Mad Hatter?"

The way things are going with internal Tea Party politics, this ought to be good for a few congressional fistfights.

Representative Michele Bachmann, the outspoken Minnesota Republican, has won approval from House leaders to form a Tea Party Caucus. And on Wednesday, the group will hold its first meeting followed by a news conference. Aides said that already at least a dozen lawmakers had asked to join and that more were expected to sign up at the meeting. ...

In a letter to Representative Robert A. Brady, Democrat of Pennsylvania and chairman of the Committee on House Administration, requesting to register the new organization, Ms. Bachmann said it would be “an informal group, dedicated to promote Americans’ call for fiscal responsibility, adherence to the Constitution and limited government.” She added, “Presently, I will serve as chair of the House Tea Party Caucus.”

In a follow-up letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Ms. Bachmann stressed that the group would be policy-oriented, not focused on political goals.

“This caucus would do nothing more than promote the timeless principles of our founding, principles that all Members of Congress have sworn to uphold,” she wrote. “The Tea Party Caucus is strictly issue based in nature, promoting policies of fiscal responsibility and limited government with a strict adherence to our Constitution at the forefront. By rejecting such an organization, we would be silencing the voices, values and principles held dear by millions of Americans.
OK, so the caucus will not be focused on political goals. We'll see how long that lasts. These groups exist for political goals. Even if, as the Times points out, the list of caucuses includes the Congressional Apparel Manufacturing and Fashion Business Caucus, the Congressional Shellfish Caucus, Congressional Songwriter Caucus, Congressional Task Force on Bowhunting, the Congressional Soils Caucus, the Congressional Nanotechnology Caucus, the Congressional Wine Caucus, the House Commuter Caucus and the Out of Poverty Caucus.

Really, how did it take the Tea Party so long to get in on this?

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