TLP: Don't Try This At Home

Thursday, July 15, 2010 , , 0 Comments

Helpful sorts that they are, the money bloggers at The New York Times are answering "tough questions about money" from children. The latest installment: "Are People Without Nice Things Lazy?"
Today’s question comes via Ken Kurson, former editor of the late, great Green Magazine, a sort of punk rock version of Smart Money or Money from the 1990s. You can still find copies of Mr. Kurson’s book on personal finance in finer used-book emporiums.

His young son tossed this one at him: You tell me all the time that the reason we have nice things and can go to a nice school is that you work hard. Does that mean that people who don’t have nice things don’t work hard?
No, little Kurson child, it's just a really good trick.

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