TLP: How Much of a Vacation Can it Be With the Detail Tagging Along?

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Remember when Bill Clinton got ripped for taking vacations on Martha's Vineyard? Like the poor boy from Arkansas didn't rate the swankiness of the island or who knows what the fuck ... when all he was trying to do was hide out and dodge the shit raining down on him on account of a few sad blowjobs.

Now, it's Barack Obama's turn. He can't even get away to Maine for a weekend without being criticized. And all he's trying to do is hang out somewhere cool after putting up with triple-digit temperature spikes in D.C.

But what sounds like a much-needed family escape from the literal and political heat of Washington to some sounds like hypocrisy to others, given recent statements by both the president and first lady urging Americans to spend their vacation time and money along the shores of the oil-stricken Gulf of Mexico.

“Michelle Obama: Take your Vacation in the Gulf, America — If You Need Us, We’ll be In Maine,” blared the headline on the Web site of Michelle Malkin, the conservative commentator, on Monday, the day Mrs. Obama toured the gulf. ABC News served up similar, if more muted fare: “First Lady Encourages Americans to Vacation on Gulf — But Obamas Head to Maine Instead.”

A trip to the Gulf Coast, of course, would hardly be much of a vacation for Mr. Obama, whose political fortunes were undercut by the spill. But the flap does point up how politically fraught the modern presidential vacation — or, for that matter, presidential leisure time in general — has become.
Word was that Clinton polled to decide where to vacation. And, of course, W set all kinds of records for laziness (ordinarily a win, but in this case, not so much). The other Bush spent his frantic vacations in Maine and Ronald Reagan never seemed to get all the brush cleared at his ranch. On the other end, Jimmy Carter couldn't bring himself to leave the Rose Garden while the hostages were held in Iran. And he got mocked for that.

Fuck 'em, Barry. Wait til word gets out that your real vacation this summer is on Martha's Vineyard.

The Lazy Paperboy

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


Anonymous said...

He he being criticized for his lack of presence in the Gulf. Had he spent his vacation here taking in the sights (something he and other GOV officials are telling the general public to do) Maybe he wouldn't be taking so much slack... Why should anyone else spend their vacation here when even the president won't?

W.C. Varones said...

Permanent Vacation 2012.

anon - i think obama has been to the gulf four times in the last month or so. the flak he's taking now wouldn't be any less if he were in biloxi or nola. he'd be called an opportunist and there'd no doubt be split screens of obama relaxing and some schlub raking up tar balls. fuck it, just go where you want to go. something tells me he'll be going to the gulf a good bit in the next couple of years.

wcv - i know what you mean by "permanent vacation." let's just hope the detail does. you may recall that JDA gets a peep now and then from "the executive office of the president."

Diane said...

Actually, as I recall, it was "W" who never managed to finish clearing brush from his ranch. And, considering that Bush's post-Katrina "visit" to New Orleans was made as a fly-over from 30,000 feet until he took enough flak to finally condescend to come down for a landing, I find it laughable that it's Obama who's now taking so much heat from these people over where he chooses to vacation. In view of the fact that any Presidential "vacation" in the Gulf could hardly be expected to remain such, maybe these people need to be reminded of what a "vacation" is.

In any event, when I consider the net results of Carter's "vacations," in the Rose Garden while in office and then in such popular leisure destinations as Pakistan and Bangladesh years later, I think I'd have to say that any President who's actually conscientious enough to work more than he sleeps (Carter, Clinton and Obama all being prime examples) can do us all a favor and actually go on vacation when he's "on vacation."

Anonymous said...

He has taken three vacations since the oil spill. I don't get the impression that he works late into the night on the unemployment problem, or the mess in the Gulf. Have you ever seen one picture of him in the Oval Office working at his desk with a stack of papers in front of him? No, because it doesn't happen. He is just coasting until he can go out and get paid big bucks to make speeches.

i think you're right on the W brush-clearing, diane. (including all of august 2001, when there might have been other things to give some attention to). but, of course, that was mostly a wannabe-reagan stunt.

is this enough paper, anon?

and as to the three vacations you reference, care to tally those days and lay them off against W's total in his first year? and speaking of W's total ...

W.C. Varones said...

He should have done a photo op with the 5000-page health care bill that neither he nor anyone in Congress read.

That's a lot of paper.

someone might call that overkill, wcv. they could get away with doing the same thing with the 2200-page financial reform bill.