TLP: Steve Jobs Can Still Get Away With It

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The Lazy Paperboy once had a summer job on Capitol Hill. Rule #1: Wear a fucking tie. OK, maybe Rule #1 was: Don't show up to work drunk. Anyway. The point was pretty basic: the best way to stand out was by not standing out. You get attention and get ahead with your words and ideas, not with an "edgy" look or an attitude.

Looks like the advice still holds up, as CNN reports:
Upstart Twitter recently realized it should make the rounds in Washington, so co-founder Biz Stone did what any Silicon Valley entrepreneur would do: bought a suit.

Stone visited Capitol Hill in late April visiting with staffers and congressman. He talked about his visit Tuesday at the Aspen Ideas Festival responding to a question about the company's involvement in Washington.

"Washington thinks we're like a 10,000 people organization with the Washington office and we're just ignoring them," Stone said.

Twitter is headquartered in a San Francisco loft and has 250 employees (at the end of last year it was 110 people).

So Stone bought his suit, on the advise of his general counsel, and arrived in Washington "just to say hello."

He went around Washington visiting congressmen and staffers with the message "We're a small company, we don't want anything from you, but we'd like to help in anyway that we can."

Twitter is currently in the process of hiring a Washington based employee to help politicians navigate the social network in regards to their own accounts.

Sporting an Aspen chic look, Stone was dressed in a button down shirt, jeans and sneakers. He noted the suit was now wrinkled and at home.
Til the next time he needs to look like a grown-up.

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