TLP: Summer Television Seem Extra Sh*tty? Blame Canada!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 , , , 0 Comments

canadian television
Hollywood has been going to Canada for years to cut movie-making costs. Now, American television networks are skipping the production process entirely and buying programming from north of the border for summer fill-ins.

American fans of scripted network television this summer can thank Canada.

Three of the dramas on CBS and ABC this month come from Toronto, the result of deals with Canadian networks to share the shows — and the costs. Last week the CW network joined the trend, buying repeats of a Canadian sitcom called “18 to Life.”

Network executives say that without the deals, their summer schedules would be carrying fewer new scripted hours and, in their place, more repeats and reality shows.

“This is not a business model to build a network schedule around, but it enhances your ability to program more originals year round,” said Chris Ender, a spokesman for CBS.
Come on, CBS TV guy, you're supposed to start all comments like that with the phrase, "In this economy ..." Much more entertaining. Especially when you're looking for things to replace reality shows.

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