What I'm Beating TLP With: 7/18/10

Sunday, July 18, 2010 1 Comments

I was going to blow off a link wrap this week but the Paperboy might start to worry that I've fallen out of love with him if I neglect to get in the beatings where I can so let's roll up this week and give him a good slap together, shall we?

'Only War...Can Overcome the Water Shortages' And you said water wasn't more precious than gold? Tell it to these guys. (When Giants Fall)

Quit Chase Bank, Get A Chicken Sandwich No kidding, and it has to do with the Twilight saga. No thanks, I won't give Jamie Dimon the kiss-off for anything less than a 3% interest rate and TWO free toasters. (LOLFed)

E*Trade: “E”xemplary or “E”gregious?? If you're waiting for E*trade to redeem client funds that have been locked up in auction-rate securities going on 30 months now, keep waiting. (Sense on Cents)

It's the Law, Bitches! Bonus points to Ritholtz for using "I am not going to get all Kartik Athreya on everyone" as a promise to not take the Goldman Sachs settlement all high brow on us. Am I allowed to write about this? (The Big Picture)

Another Stimulus Boondoggle If we REALLY get $3 back for every $1 of stimulus why don't we do it every year?! 200% returns? Sounds like fun to me! (The Beacon)

The Goldman Settlement Coverage is Mostly On-Target Surely the Paperboy can appreciate an analysis of how the MSM has handled the sitch with the squid. (Columbia Journalism Review's The Audit)

Nothing Was Sacred: The Theft of the American Dream "Economics will not provide any answers in and of itself. Economics without an a priori policy and morality, without a guiding principle like the Constitution, is a heartless monster easily manipulated to say whatever one wishes it to say, if they are willing to pay enough economists to say it. Its reputation as a science is greatly exaggerated." (Jesse's Café Américain)

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W.C. Varones said...

That Jesse link is awesome despite its partisan and myopic Reagan-bashing. I was gonna link it myself.