WikiLeaks Dumps 90,000 Disturbing Afghan War Documents, Hilarity Does Not Ensue

Monday, July 26, 2010 , 3 Comments

The incendiaries at WikiLeaks have once again caused quite a stir, this time releasing tens of thousands of documents related to the Afghan war that yours truly hasn't had a chance to slog through. Almost as interesting as the documents themselves, the release demonstrated a unique method of cross-checking WikiLeaks' own investigative efforts by handing the documents over to three news organizations in advance of the release.


Americans fighting the war in Afghanistan have long harbored strong suspicions that Pakistan’s military spy service has guided the Afghan insurgency with a hidden hand, even as Pakistan receives more than $1 billion a year from Washington for its help combating the militants, according to a trove of secret military field reports made public Sunday.

The documents, made available by an organization called WikiLeaks, suggest that Pakistan, an ostensible ally of the United States, allows representatives of its spy service to meet directly with the Taliban in secret strategy sessions to organize networks of militant groups that fight against American soldiers in Afghanistan, and even hatch plots to assassinate Afghan leaders.

The documents in question may be found via WikiLeaks here and will eventually be placed on a dedicated page at The organization has not released all related documents because "putting them out immediately could cause harm," said WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

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Anonymous said...

A number of years ago I read a book called My War by Colby Buzzell. He was a regular dude who became a regular Army working stiff who signed on and went to the middle east. Very telling account of one man's experiences there.

"My War by Colby Buzzell is nothing less than the soul of an extremely interesting human being at war on our behalf in Iraq."
- Kurt Vonnegut


elf2006real said...

Sigh. If you really want to continue pursuing War, perhaps gander over to Abu Muqawama and look at the issues involved.

This was an act of childish vandalism that will get our sources (people) and their families killed. After they are raped and tortured. No shit, I've seen it.

elf2006real said...

How BTW is it news that war is killing, and killing isn't pretty?

And also...Hilarity does not ensue.

I'm afraid it does, for the murdering, raping sadists who now can ponder over these docs and see things you all can't. And they will know who...and when they have them and their families?

Hilarity, their idea of it, will ensue.

Assange just killed a lot of the brown people Lefties like to patronize. And no one will trust us now.

Children. Sigh. Children playing with power.