You Can Stop Shouting on Twitter Now

Saturday, July 31, 2010 , , , 0 Comments

I'm guilty but engage so not as guilty.

Forbes has a "how not to be a dumb marketer on Twitter" guide that makes the current crop of "Internet Marketers" look like complete asshats:

When marketers use Twitter, 360i says that 75% of the time they are using it to disseminate news or information about the brand, as opposed to actively engaging Twitter users. Consumers are only engaged by the brand approximately 16% of the time. Putting that in perspective, consumers engaged in conversation with each other 43% of the time. Only 8% of Twitter users make their feeds private.

I've seen more than one repeating the same "motivational phrase" ("Advice is like kissing. Its free and fun to do" I kid you not) several times a day. Or how about the whales? Internet marketing is a dark and lonely place until they track you down, then it's 85% noise and possibly 10% useful (I haven't figured out the remainder).

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